Teresa Palmer speelt Nummer Zes in Iam Number Four     

Teresa Palmer
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Teresa Mary Palmer

Geboren op:

26 Febuari 1986

Geboorte Plaats:




Jaren Actief:




Rol in Iam Number Four

Nummer Zes

Rolverdeling Edit

2005 Wolf Creek gaste zwembadfeestje
2006 2:37 Melody
2006 The Grudge 2 Vanessa
2007 December Boys Lucy
2008 Restraint Dale
2008 Bedtime Stories Violet Nottingham
2010 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Becky Barnes
2011 I Am Number Four Number Six
2011 Take Me Home Tonight Tori Frederking
2011 Wish You Were Here Steph McKinney
2011 Bear Emelie
2011 Quirky Girl Claire
2013 Warm Bodies Julie Grigio
2013 Love and Honor Candace
2013 Knight of Cups ???
2013 Cut Bank ???
2013 Skum Rocks! ???
2014 Parts Per Billion Anna

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